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How to advertise in the Modest Clothing Directory

Free Text Link

A simple text link to your relevant online store from this website is free. Just send me your URL, and I will visit your site and collect all the information I need. If I have questions after visiting your site, I’ll ask you then.

If you want to be sure your store gets into a particular category on this site, let me know what you’re thinking, and I’ll see if your request fits what I’m thinking. Of course, if your store fits into more than one main category, I’ll list it more than once.

High-Ranking Text Link

In most lists on the site (not the alphabetical ones), affiliate stores’ text links are listed first. If you want your text link to be higher on a list, start an affiliate program for me to join or, if you already have one, just be sure to approve my request to join your program when I apply. (If your affiliate program isn’t visible from any of your web pages, let me know where to find it.)

Image Ads

If you have interest in running an image ad on my site, I can accommodate that too. I use DoubleClick for Publishers to administer agreements directly between myself and an advertiser. I can set up an ad spot on any page in the size of 300x250. I can possibly set up other sizes depending on the design of a particular page. I charge $12–$20 CPM for ad spots, depending on the spot. That’s $12–20 USD per 1000 impressions. For most pages, I can give you an estimate of the number of impressions a page will receive in a month ahead of time.

The ad can be set to quit running after your budgeted montly amount has been met.
Alternatively, the ad can be set to run for a specified time period (e.g., one month or more)

Affiliate Programs

I love to join affiliate programs—if you keep current with them and pay on time. If I join your affiliate program, in the very least your text link will rank higher than other text links. If you provide image ads through your affiliate program, I will probably make use of those too. I like to decorate my site with product images provided through affiliate programs!