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Hey, I know Catholics don’t wear only these clothes and that all Catholics don’t wear these clothes, and that non-Catholics wear these clothes. These stores are categorized as ‘Catholic’ either because they are run by Catholics or because their clothing really is suited for just Catholics (e.g., nuns, clergy). Some people would like to patronize stores run under the auspices of their own religion, so by shopping from these stores, one would be supporting Catholics.

Understand the Bible completely

St. Patrick’s Guild
books, gifts, church supplies, clergy apparel

Rosa Mystica Mantilla
traditional lace chapel veils

Our Coats of Many Colors
high-quality religious garments and dress-up clothes at a reasonable price; plus girls’ and juniors’ modest skirts

Veils by Lily
first communion veils, chapel veils, chapel veil carrying bags

Manifatture Mario Bianchetti
modern nuns’ clothing: winter & summer dresses, aprons, shoes, sandals, & slippers, sleevelets, wool gloves, windbreaker, raincoat, winter & summer coats and jackets, winter & summer skirts, cardigans, blouses, polos, and modestini (shells and dickeys to wear under garments) all in basic colors; first communion boys’ and girls’ dresses and gowns; first communion mantle and petticoats; first communion grazia wreath, monastic veil, stole, headband with flowers, and satin frontal for boys

Immaculate Heart Mantillas
Catholic head coverings (mantillas) in triangular and rectangular styles; floor-length wedding mantillas, chapel caps and shirted chapel caps, first communion crowns and headbands

Modesty Veils
chapel veils in triangular and semi-circular shapes, girls’ kerchief veil; first holy communion veils

A Heavenly Stitch
custom-sewn nuns’ habits—any kind you choose

Ripsimeh’s Faith Minded Creations
rosaries, snood, chapel veil, crochet/knitting patterns

Glenfont Habitry
tailor of religious habits and related garments

women’s religious clothing: standard and custom-made caps, veils, guimpes, and collars

Silver Hill Treasures new listing
mantillas—including imported French and Spanish ones

Lilla Rose
Hair clips ideal for modest girls and women who wish to wear their hair long and have it securely fastened—WITHOUT the “teeth” of traditional barrettes and claws that can break the hair shaft.

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