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245 Islamic clothing stores currently open! Did you know over 250 online Islamic clothing stores have opened and then closed since 1998?
Only 3 of the original stores I put up are still running today!


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about scam sites!

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Women’s Islamic Clothing
Other Specialties
Regional Styles



Muslim Wedding Dresses

Islamic Swimwear & Modest Swimwear

Shirts, Tunics, Sweaters

Trendy Islamic Clothing


Skirts & Skirt Sets/Suits

hijab pins, niqab, gloves, sleeves, underscarves, jewelry, shoes, handbags, wudhu socks

Islamic Sportswear

Prayer & Hajj Garments

Dusters, Blazers, & Coats

Career Islamic Clothing

Dresses & Caftans

Pants/Pant Suits

Eid Specialty Page
Clothes, Sweets, Attar, Shoes & Handbags, Henna, Home Decor, Decorations & Cards, Jewelry, Dolls

Men’s Islamic Clothing
Middle Eastern, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Western styles plus swimwear, sportswear, and Hajj garments

Muslim Girls’ Clothing
school uniforms, jilbab, abaya, hijab, khimar, prayer clothes, Western style clothes, swimwear, and Muslim dolls

Muslim Boys’ Clothing
dishdasha, thobe, shalwar kameez, kurta sets, baju melayu

Plus-Sized Muslimahs
plus size pants, skirts, shirts, abaya, shalwar kameez, and mainstream plus size specialty stores

Tall Muslimahs
tall abaya and other places to look

Islamic Maternity Clothes
abaya and modest contemporary maternity clothing

Islamic Nursing Clothes
abayas with easy-open fronts

Dawoodi Bohra
ridas, jhabla, kurta, topi, quomi libas; custom-made libas

Islamic Boutique

Middle East
traditional casual, formal, and bridal gowns; caftan, djellaba

Pakistan & India (South Asia)
shalwar kameez, Indo Pak trouser suits, kurti/tunics, burqas, khussa shoes

Southeast Asia
baju kurung, baju kebaya, tudung

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