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Contemporary Islamic maternity clothing and maternity abaya

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I wish I could give you good news and show you all the Islamic clothing stores where you can shop, but I can’t. Listed in my directory at one time, there have never been more than three stores run by Muslims selling maternity clothing specifically for Muslimahs.

Maternity Tunics for Muslimahs

Shukr Islamic Clothing ships from the U.S.ships from Canadaships from the U.K. This store has been listed on my site for at least ten years!
Some of Shukr’s Islamic clothing can work for well for maternity use. They even have a section on their website now that shows which of their pieces work well for the baby bump.

East Essence ships from India

Maternity Abaya

East Essence ships from India
A lot of simple, sophisticated maternity abaya to choose from

Saif Modesty ships from the U.K.This store has been listed on my site for at least eight years!
Modanisa ships from Turkey

Other Maternity Shops

These stores do not cater to Muslims only, but of course their clothing can still work for Muslimahs. We just need to do what we do best to hijabify—layer and add trousers.

Lilo Maternity ships from the U.S.This store has been listed on my site for at least five years!
long skirts and tops

More mainstream maternity clothing