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Islamic clothing for tall women (5'9" / 175 cm and over)

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This section has slim pickin’s, just like the Islamic maternity section, which is disappointing for me because I need TALL, MODEST clothes. For the most part, you can easily get abaya long enough for you on Islamic clothing sites. It’s a little harder to find long skirts with no slits and long pants, so I point out some other websites to help fill in the gap (no pun intended).

Custom sewing services

Very Long Skirts With No Slits for Tall Women

Tall Size Shalwar Kameez and Trouser Suits

Mainstream Clothing Stores

Tall, petite, plus-sized, and pregnant Muslimahs often have to shop at mainstream stores that specialize in those sizes to find clothing that fits. Follow the link to find my favorite department stores that either have tall clothing sections or tall clothing only. Of course, your modest choices will be limited, but all the hunting is worth it when you find something that fits at a good price. Some of these stores also have plus tall sizes.