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Modest Clothing for Jewish Teens

Teen Clothing
Have You Thought
to Look Here

These stores have clothing marketed specifically for you, but as you can see, there isn’t much choice. In addition, I’ve highlighted some teen clothing from the other sections on my site for you to see also if you’re interested.

Below the Knee This store has been listed on my site for at least eight years!


No Slits: Long Skirts
and Dresses

Hannah Lise® This store has been listed on my site for at least ten years!
This store caters to modesty and carries cute clothing; modest long skirts and dresses with no slits. Plus sizes, too.

Parallel Modest Teen
Clothing Markets

There’s a parallel movement in the Mormon market to cater to teens’ tastes in style, but they’ve got a little easier time of it because their modesty requirements allow more skin to show—I mean “easy” in the sense that Mormon teens can probably find a lot of clothing they can wear in mainstream clothing stores.

The one item this market has produced that I think you would like is the layering tee. It’s designed to be worn under other shirts to provide extra skin coverage. You can find this kind of tee in basically any trendy store, but the difference is that the tees from this market are cut extra long so they stay tucked in!

Some of their skirts are long enough for you, too.


Jewish Teen Clothing
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