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Modest Swimwear for the Entire Family (No Matter How Modest You Need)

Modest Swimwear Categories

kind of modest swimwear

Kind of Modest Swimsuits (women’s)

includes skirted swimsuits, tankinis, modest panel swimsuits, and the like; also includes swimsuits that are skin-tight but cover more than the usual amount of skin, like suits with short sleeves, long sleeves, longer legs, and higher necklines

more modest swimwear for women and girls

“More Modest” Swimsuits (women’s and girls’)

These styles of swimwear were designed by modestly dressing women and teens for their religious-dressing needs. The styles are more modest than what can be found in mainstream stores.

full-coverage very modest swimwear

Very Modest Swimsuits (women’s and girls’)

swimwear that meets Islamic standards’ of modesty (cover a lot and are as loose as possible while still being safe)

modest swimwear patterns

Modest Swimsuit Patterns (women’s and girls’)


boys' and men's modest swimwear

Men’s and Boys’ Modest Swimwear

swim shirts, long swimming trunks, and board shorts