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Free Islamic Patterns

Welcome to my homepage.

Here you will find diagrams and directions for making a few essential Islamic clothing items.
They are free for you to print out and use.
Simple Caftan
  • A short-sleeved caftan
Shoulder-Style Abaya
  • A simple and practical closed abaya
  • Three patterns—all easy to make
  • The classic one-piece open abaya—drapes from the head to the toes
  • The basic wrist-length khimar
  • This pattern requires 60" wide fabric. It has openings for the hands 

  • and makes a wonderful one-piece prayer outfit. 
  • Three patterns to choose from—for use under your khimar

Modest Clothing Directory

  • A comprehensive list of modest and Islamic clothing links

Last Modified April 25, 2007
Shazeeda Shakoor
Toronto, Canada