How to sew a niqab

Simple Elastic Niqab
  • For a single layer niqab, cut a rectangle of fabric 13" x 17".
  • Hem the two long sides and one short side.
  • Fold the unhemmed sided under 1/4", fold again 1/2" and stitch close to the edge of the fold.
  • Cut a length of 1/4" wide elastic, long enough to go around your head.
  • Pass the elastic through the 1/2" hem of the niqab.
  • Overlap the two ends of the elastic and stitch together firmly using tiny zigzag stitches.
  • **Note** Instead of elastic, ties could be added to either side of the niqab for tying behind the head.

Headband Niqab
  • Cut a 4" wide rectangle, long enough to go around your head like a band, with a couple of inches overlapping or, if you prefer, make the band long enough to tie behind your head.
  • Press a 1/4" hem along both long edges of the rectangle band. Fold the band in half, lengthwise, wrong sides (pressed hems) together.
  • Cut a rectangle large enough to cover the face. Double if material is thin. Hem.
  • Find the center of the band and the center of the face cover. Match.
  • Pin the face cover in the slit of the band (i.e., between the folded hems).
  • Leave an opening for the eyes.
  • Sew the two pieces of the niqab together. Sewing from one side of the eye opening out the the end and from the other side of the eye opening out to the end. Refer to diagram.
  • **Note** This seam allowance needs to be very slight, otherwise the space for the eyes will not stay open.
  • Add snaps or velcro on the overlap of the headband, to close. (unless it was made long enough to tie back).

Niqab with Eye Cover
  • This is basically the same as the headband niqab, except that a thin netting or mesh type fabric is stitched to the headband. This can stay atop the head for better visibility or flipped down to conceal the eyes.
  • Cut the rectangle headband about 4" wide x the length needed to go around the head.
  • Press a 1/4" hem along both long edges of the headband.
  • Fold the headband in half, lengthwise, wrong sides together.
  • Stitch the face cover to the bottom folded edge of the headband (with a slight seam allowance) leaving an opening slit for the eyes.
  • Pin the eye mesh into the open seam at the top of the headband, (i.e., between the folded hems), stitch the seam all the way along the headband.