Instructions for sewing a basic khimar

  • 115cm (45") wide fabric will give you a khimar that’s anywhere from wrist-length to finger-tip length, depending on your height.
  • Purchase 2.5m (3 yards) of fabric.
    • Soft, lightweight, cotton material works best. If it’s a bit stretchy, that’s even better. Single-knits (a.k.a. T-shirt material) work great. You could also use lightweight silky polyester.
  • Fold in half, right sides together, with the fold at the top.
  • If the material is silky, pin in several places to prevent shifting.
  • Referring to the diagram, cut a large smooth curve from the bottom right to the top left corner. Points A-B.
    • Start by cutting a straight line, parallel to the raw edge, curve the line toward point B, and end with a straight line, parallel to the left edge. This will ensure that the front and back of the khimar is straight and not in a V cut.
    • In order to make the front and back even, start point A, about 10cm (4") from the corner.
  • Sew up the front of the khimar, from points A-C. Leaving the rest open for your face.
  • Try on the khimar. The face opening will probably need adjusting. It should fit snug under your chin.
  • Hem the face opening and lower edges of the khimar as desired.
  • Make an underscarf.
Use white cotton fabric to make a comfortable prayer outfit. Follow the instructions above for making the khimar. Purchase 4m (4 yd) of eyelet (or other cotton) lace. Stitch the lace along the entire bottom of the khimar, before sewing up the front. When you sew the front [from points A-C] make the face opening small so that the khimar will cover your hair in the front and you won’t need to wear an underscarf.
Make a simple skirt to go with the khimar.