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Authentic Historical Clothing Patterns

Authentic Historical Clothing

Vintage Patterns

Cool find! Romagna’s Capparella for men


Period Inspired Clothing and Patterns for Modern Day

If you like to look and feel of period clothing and want to wear it for “everyday,” these stores carry patterns and clothing for you. The ready-made items are not authentic reproductions, but rather new designs inspired by old-fashioned styles.



Women’s and Girls’
Clothing Sewn to Order

Fanciful Notions
Custom Hand-Made Quality Bloomers for All Occasions!
Ladies’, girls’, toddlers’, infants’, and plus sizes

Ankle bloomers, bed-skirted bloomers, capri bloomers, knee bloomers, knickers (loose-legged), ankle pajamas (loose-legged), pantalettes (loose-legged), culottes (aka pants slip, split skirt), petticoats, half slips, short bloomers

Camisoles, many styles of chemises, corsets

In Lisa’s words:

“We can custom design men’s and boys’ underwear, looking like old-fashioned Knickers, hip boxers, and even Punk clothing for the modern lifestyle!”

“Custom Made To Order Bloomers, and Pajamas.
New items: Petticoats and Corsets!!
NOW Offering ~~Embroidery for your Bloomers and Pajamas!
Renaissance, Victorian, SCA, Medieval, Civil War, Bridal, Maternity, Plus Size Clothing and Bloomer Pajamas!”

Our Grandma’s Closet
Clothes Your Grandma Used to Make!
An experienced, loving grandma sews prairie-style dresses and matching bonnets for little girls
Profits go to Noah’s Ark Orphanage in Bogotá, Columbia
Some ready-made prairie-style dresses available

Romantic, Feminine Clothing Reminiscent of Centuries Past…
Ball gowns, bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, mourning gown, saloon dresses
Bathing costumes
Blouses, vests; dresses, skirts, and sets in calico, twill, and velvet
Shawls, outdoor capes, Victorian hats
Camisoles, petticoats, many styles of bloomers, corsets
Fancy skirts, sets, and tops
Girls’ dresses and pinafores
Cloth Diapers


Hint of History
Vintage-Inspired Patterns for Today
1910s patterns, girls’ patterns, dolls’ patterns

Sense & Sensibility Patterns 
Winsome Clothing Patterns with an Old-Fashioned Appeal
Regency era, Romantic era, Edwardian era, 1910s Tea Gown pattern inspired by Titanic, Swing era
Doll patterns, paper dolls
Sewing tips, online sewing class, seamstress in residence

Patterns with Timeless Style
Patterns, patterns, patterns!
Patterns for vintage fashions and traditional ethnic garments from around the world
Sewing tips, photo gallery…very fun to browse, and I’m not even a sewer
Cloth Diapers

Harper House
Your Vintage Costuming Pattern Catalog
Remember When pattern collection
Women’s skirts, blouses, jumpers, knickers, collar vest, culotte jumper, rompers, dresses, pantalettes, collars, purse

Baker Lane
Patterns for maternity dresses, pinafores, vests


Period Inspired Clothing
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