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Rare and hard-to-find items in the modest clothing niche

White Bobby Pins

useful to secure your white head coverings

Dickeys for Women (Dickies, Neck Dickies)

removable shirt inserts to simulate the front and collar of a shirt; turns low-cut tops into higher-cut tops—if the dickey is cut high

I used to think these were rare, but as you can see, there are quite a few around. While they may not be rare, they ARE hard to find because search engines don’t know when someone is looking for generic dickeys (or dickies) and not the brand name Dickies.

Kosher Casual ships from IsraelThis store has been listed on my site for at least five years!

Vermont Country Store®

Dakota Main Street
turtleneck dickeys, mock turtleneck dickeys; come in many colors

Dr. Leonard’s®
dickeys with collars, mock turtleneck dickeys, satin mock turtleneck dickeys

mock dickeys, turtleneck dickeys, law enforcement dickeys, thermo dickeys (like neck and face warmers), and collars

You know where else I’ve seen dickeys? On  vintage sewing pattern sites. Of course! Dickeys have gone out of mainstream style, but once upon a time, they were a mainstream clothing staple, and the pattern makers put out patterns for them which are now found in vintage pattern collections. I have finally found a good way to search for vintage patterns for sale online—use the Vintage Sewing Patterns Wiki to find patterns by keyword. If someone is selling that pattern online, there will be a link to their store from the wiki page for that pattern.

Not every vintage pattern seller on the web participates in the wiki, but enough do to make it worthwhile for you to use it. To search individual sites one-by-one for vintage patterns, start on my site with this listing of stores that sell vintage patterns online.

Amish-Style Straight Homemade Hair Pins

Maternity Slip